William Clifford

William Clifford

Director of Engineering & Technology

William Clifford

William Clifford

Director of Engineering & Technology

I am an accomplished Director of Technology and Engineering with over 20 years of experience leading technical teams and delivering innovative technological solutions to achieve business objectives. I have expertise in software development, creating customer solutions, change management, and cross-functional collaboration and leadership.

Technology Solutions

Over the course of my career, I have developed a robust portfolio of success stories in providing innovative technology solutions to solve complex challenges. For example, earlier in my career as a Director of Software Development for Wine.com, I helped the company become recognized as one of the top-performing eCommerce sites of its day by overhauling the online order-placing technology, converting disparate platform components into a service-oriented architecture, and implementing Jenkins to drive overall website application performance.

Successfully executing from deep in the trenches to the boardroom, I have also implemented an Agile Scrum approach, acting as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach.


An expert at synergizing teams, I set the vision for excellence and build team alignment, while ensuring that members have the information, support, and tools necessary for success. For example, in my current role as Director, Technical Consulting at Salesforce, I work with internal and enterprise client teams to develop forward-thinking solutions that can integrate with legacy systems. My efforts have helped build trust with our clients, which has translated to new business. I was also nominated and selected to participate in Salesforce's 6-month long Elevate Leadership Program, where I was able to further build my leadership skills.


I have a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan and have earned multiple certifications during my time working for Salesforce. In addition to my formal education, I have developed a robust knowledge of multiple programming languages, database technologies, querying programs, network technologies, software-based infrastructures, and CI programs. I believe my commitment to continual learning has been one of the keys to my success.

Skill Highlights
Responsive Web Development
Mobile Applications
Enterprise Architecture
Web Services / APIs / Microservices
AWS / Microsoft Azure / Heroku devops
Agile Scrum methodology, Story Pointing, Velocity planning, entire SDLC
Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Financial Services Cloud
Vertical Experience
Food & Beverage
Customer Service
Energy & Utilities
Customer Credentials
Chevron, Texaco
Wells Fargo

Driving organizational change through effective people and technology leadership

Collaborative technology leadership professional with 20+ years of expertise leading and growing teams of engineers and architecting scalable cloud-based infrastructure solutions. Highly experienced full-stack developer with an ability to serve as a bridge between management and engineering teams. Trusted technical advisor to executive teams with a track record of retaining and earning new business with Fortune 500 companies through innovative approaches to solving complex technical and business challenges.

  • Team Development & Management
  • Strategic Vision & Planning
  • Client Management
  • Technology Leadership
  • Executive-Level Decision Making
  • Full-Stack Software Development
  • Product Development
  • Schedule Management
  • Continuous Process Improvements
  • Cross-Functional Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Resource & Performance Management
  • Solution Design & Development
  • Mentorship & TrainingAutomation

Leadership Profile

  • Embraces a collaborative approach within and among teams, where each voice has a chance to be heard.
  • Proponent of the idea that organizational success is dependent on team success.
  • Empowers team members to become leaders in their own right; helps individuals reach their full potential.
  • Nominated and selected to partake in Salesforce’s Elevate Program, a 6-month journey directed toward building leadership skills through a focus on self-awareness, communication, psychological safety, and high performing teams.

Professional Experience

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) – San Francisco, CA

Director, Technical Consulting

Support the post-acquisition integration of Sequence’s Design Team into Salesforce. Provide technical expertise and leadership that enable the company to better understand its enterprise client's technical environments, and challenges. Work with user-centered design teams to support prototyping and proofs of concept.

Team Leadership

  • Conducts enablement sessions to educate and provide technical support for Salesforce’s new Experience Design Team, which was created as a part of Salesforce’s acquisition of Sequence.

    • Expanded the Team’s knowledge of system administration and deployment to improve understanding of feasibility.
    • Empowered the Team to consistently earn top CSAT scores on their projects and achieve year over year growth in services.

Enterprise Client Solutions

  • Siemens/Mentor Graphics: Technical lead for a small team that built a concept based on focus-group research and user feedback to consolidate service teams with different products across the merging organizations onto one support platform.
  • Wells Fargo: Drove the technical voice within the Design Team to support Wells Fargo’s Financial Services Cloud Salesforce implementation and simultaneous transition to Agile. The technical guidance has been used in numerous other engagements.
  • Uber Eats: Technical Architect for a 4-person Sales Cloud project to optimize the Client's use of Salesforce. Defined technical roadmap with concrete steps through implementation, which was adopted and is currently in the process of rolling out.

Sequence – San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Director of Technology

Hired to establish in-house expertise in web and application development as an extension of the company’s core design business to meet increased demand from Fortune 500 clients. Built an internal technology practice to remove dependence of third-party development partners and improve project management expertise for technical projects. Provided oversight for all technical projects. Provided solution architecture, scope estimates, and implementation plan. Closed deals on technical projects for clients that Sequence had previously failed to win over, including Apple, and Medtronic.

Team Management

  • Built and managed the technology team; defined required roles, recruited and hired FTEs, managed team performance, and built relationships with third-party development partners and recruiters to scale capacity on demand.
  • Developed and launched a novel rotating internship program with the University of Waterloo.
  • Helped Project Management, Design, and Client Teams prioritize features/enhancements based on business impact and technical effort. Aligned cross-departmental communication and schedules. Monitored project milestones, dependencies, assumptions, risks, and issues.

Client Cases Studies

  • Chipotle: Rescued a project engagement with the lynchpin client ($1M+) by restructuring the development process of the project’s global team, doubling sprint cadence, simplifying the scrum board, tracking sprint velocity to improve transparency and expectations, and working with Management Team to groom the backlog and prioritize critical issues.
    • Achieved client satisfaction by negotiating and delivering the deployment of their content management systems (SMC) and site on an acceptable timeline. Subsequently earned the business of multiple long-term retainers.
  • Earthbound Farms: Recommended the company migrate to a managed WordPress hosting provider. Oversaw the migration from Drupal CMS to WordPress in coordination with a migration specialist.
    • Launched the project on time and on budget. The site still runs on the same platform using the same design system.
  • Medtronic: Developed a Customer Care Portal prototype that could be easily integrated with the Client’s existing codebase by teaming a frontend developer with the design team. The result was an accelerated process that surpassed expectations, deepened trust, and earned more business.
  • Chevron: Paired a frontend developer with the design team to build responsive prototypes that were demonstrated to both the Techron and Texaco business owners and development teams. The prototypes were a tremendous success and subsequently led to additional development work. Engaged and completed projects for both businesses on time and in budget with a successful handoff to each business's development team. Both sites are still actively used for marketing campaigns.

Wine.com San Francisco, CA

Software Architect, Director of Software Development (2011 – 2014)

Director of Software Development (2007 – 2011)

Senior Developer (2004 – 2007)

Contract Developer (2003 – 2004)

Revolutionized the Company’s approach to online ordering; a complex process due to the variety of different state alcohol shipping regulations. Transitioned from an individual contributor to a well-respected team leader and trusted advisor to the Executive Team. Became owner of the Company’s online storefront site with gradual influence on finance, customer service, and warehouse operations. Implemented numerous process improvements to accelerate feature deployments, reduce spend, and improve overall quality.

Team Leadership

  • Worked with Business Leads as a core member of the Engineering Leadership Team to define and score features based off the 3x3 impact/effort matrix. Managed feature backlog, communicating back to business leads on progress and to address any open questions from the development team.
  • Managed an offshore QA team and maintained a library of test script documents. Tested on multiple platforms on multiple devices. Maintained daily email communication with weekly conference calls. Acted as liaison between the development team, the QA team, and business owners.
  • Implemented an Agile Scrum approach and served as Scrum Master and Sprint Coordinator.
    • Created a greater understanding among business leaders of development team productivity by providing clear, understandable metrics and establishing a consistent feature enhancement cadence.
    • Enabled the Development Team to have a better work/life balance.
  • Served as interim Engineering Lead in the absence of the departing CTO during a critical holiday shopping season. Partnered with business leads to identify risks, and worked with Engineering to define process and procedure to mitigate said risks.
    • Wine.com experienced a record season in sales with the most shipments to date, achieved with no downtime.

Engineering Innovation & Technical Leadership

  • Dramatically improved overall website application performance by driving the implementation of Jenkins continuous integration platform; improved code quality, automated software deployments, and increased release frequency.
    • Helped the company to become a top-performing Commerce site.
    • Improved the deployment process in a way that eliminated downtime during deployments.
    • Implemented a process that mapped individual user stories to releases for better auditability and reporting.
  • Served as the technical architect for converting multiple components of the platform into a service-oriented architecture; oversaw the implementation of all feature development on the Company's eCommerce platform, which increased the velocity of deployments.
  • Planned and executed a multi-phase deployment of a new credit card processing platform affecting several aspects of the business, including eCommerce, customer service, fulfillment, and financial reconciliation.
    • Simplified PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance and lowered risk exposure.
    • Achieved a per-transaction cost savings and greater financial efficiency.
    • Developed the platform with a forward-thinking mindset to allow easy adaptability with new payment providers.
  • Executed the design and development of multiple microservices such as a discounting service, shipping and handling service, tax calculator, weather service, search, and end-user personalization.

Prior Experience

Senior Consultant

Proxicom/Dimension Data North America – San Francisco, CA


LANSystems/WinStar Professional Services – San Francisco, CA

Voluneer Involvement

Board Member

Burlingame American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO)

Technical Languages & Tools

Programming Languages
Database Technologies
Oracle Commerce Guided Search
Software-Based Infrastructure
AWS and Azure
Vagrant and Docker
Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery
Network Technologies
Load Balancing


  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator (2019)
  • Salesforce Certified App Developer (SCAA) (2019)
  • Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant (2018)
  • Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant (2018)
  • Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder (2018)
  • Salesforce Certified Administrator (2017)
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineer (1999)


Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering (BSEE)

University of Michigan, College of Engineering – Ann Arbor, MI